Gili`s Goodies Mobilizes To Help Gush Katif Refugees
Posted 8/31/2005
By Staff Writer

"Yes, Nechama, there really is a Gili," was one Jerusalem mother`s recent response to her daughter`s question, much the same way that American mothers answer that there really is a "Famous Amos" or "Sara Lee."

Gili`s Goodies` cookies, cakes and pies are well-recognized items in supermarkets in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and Gush Etzion and as far north as Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Now boxes of Gili`s Goodies are showing up in the hotels and tent cities housing the displaced citizens of Gush Katif.

"I was sitting in front of the television watching our brothers and sisters being evacuated from their home," says the real Gili — Gail (Sinowitz) Ehrlich of Efrat. "My eyes burned with tears. We had to do something. At the same time, customers were calling asking if they could send goodies to families in the hotels. We mobilized immediately to send packages to the families," said the former Far Rockaway resident.

"Some of these families lived in those homes for two and three decades," Gail related. "Can you imagine a balabusta without her oven who can`t make a cake for Shabbat or bake cookies to send to her son in the army? At best, she`s living out of a suitcase."

Since the evacuation, Gail`s husband David — who handles the business side of Gili`s Goodies, together with his partner Roy Leshem, has delivered 300 boxes to families in temporary housing in Ashkelon, Kibbutz Shaalvim and Jerusalem.

Synagogues, schools and communities can join in the Gili`s Goodies mobilization. David will be in the United States the beginning of September meeting with community leaders. He can be contacted via the website or their toll free numbers.

Call or order packages of goodies to show your solidarity with the 1,600 homeless families. Personal messages can be included.

Chesed packages for soldiers can also be ordered for Rosh Hashana and all year long.

In addition to making the New Year sweeter for our displaced brethren with Gili`s Goodies, you can also donate generously to Paamonim (, a new chesed organization doing wonderful work with the "refugees".

A portion of all Gili`s Goodies sales will be going to them as well.

Gili`s Goodies also sends gift baskets, birthday cakes and home baked style goods all year long anywhere in Israel.

To Order call 1-866-721-7292 or online