Festive Fruit Basket-Large


Large assortment of whole fruits arranged in a decorative basket.
(We choose from the finest fruits in season, not necessarily the fruits shown).

Note: Fruits are "Heter Mechira" of the Chief Rabbinate. For a more stringent hechsher, see Cut Fruit Platter (Mehadrin Badatz Jerusalem, Yivul Nochri) or Gourmet Fruit Platter (Badatz Agudat Yisrael).

Only available in Center, Jerusalem, Jerusalem Environs Bet Shemesh and Gush Etzion

As there is no fresh  fruit in the markets on Sunday, there are no fruit deliveries in Jerusalem, Gush and Environs on Sundays and none on Mondays in the CENTER 

In the hot summer months, we are not delivering fresh fruit outside of Jerusalem and Gush Etzion 

Delivery in Israel Only.
We do not deliver this product to: Army Base, Beit Shemesh - Ramat Beit Shemesh, Center, Jerusalem Environs, Outlying Areas

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