Mishloach Manot - Badatz Eida Charedit DELUXE


For gift recipients who would prefer items with the hashgacha of the Eida Charedis of Yerushalayim, we now offer a special gift basket where every product is under Eida supervision.

A DELUXE version featuring 5 boxes of cookies (WE ARE NOW USING COOKIES FROM A LOCAL FRESH BAKED BADATZ EIDA BAKERY)..and of course Hamentaschen..and a LOT of assorted candies and nosh(MAY NOT BE EXACT ITEMS PICTURED)

Please note:There is no "nut free" version of this package

PLEASE NOTE: Mishloach Manot packages will be delivered BEGINNING on March 5-and
ending on March 13
They should be viewed as Purim GIFTS and not given for the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot "Bo Bayom"

Delivery in Israel Only

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