Mishloach Manot - Special Deluxe Basket (Alcohol Free)


This SPECIAL DELUXE (ALOCOHOL FREE)basket is a really impressive basket with 5 boxes of FRESH BAKED Gili's Goodies cookies, 6 supersized cookies,  a yeast cake, Terra Chips,Potatoe chips assorted American candies and nosh, assorted dried fruits and nuts and of course , FRESH BAKED HAMETASCHEN!

May NOT be exactly as pictured. If items are substituted they will be of equal or greater value

PLEASE NOTE: Mishloach Manot packages will be delivered BEGINNING on Feb 19 and
ending on February 28.

They should be viewed as Purim GIFTS and not given for the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot "Bo Bayom"

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All items in this basket carry hechsherim of the OU or other American/European hechsherim 

and all carry, in addition, the Israel Rabbanut 

Delivery in Israel Only

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