Chanuka Deluxe Cup of Gelt


A ceramic  ISRAEL mug (a GREAT souvenir-not same as pictured) filled with milk chocolate Chanukah gelt with 6 sufganiot (Jelly Doughnuts) and a delicious brownie greeting card...all gift wrapped in cellophane and ribbon.

A great way to say "Chag Sameach!"

For deliveries outside of Jerusalem and environs(where we can't deliver sufganiot..(day old sufganiot do NOT taste good!) we will replace them with 2 boxes of Gili's Goodies FRESH BAKED cookies

We WILL be delivering sufganiot to Bet Shemesh on Monday Dec 16 for one day

You can add more sufganiot!

Delivery in Israel Only.
We do not deliver this product to: Army Base

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  • Model: G72
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